On-campus events at Stanford University have been canceled for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Computation + Journalism Symposium

February 19, 2020


The Computation + Journalism Symposium, now in its ninth year as a national-global conference, is a celebration and synthesis of new ways to find and tell news stories with, by, and about data and algorithms. It is a venue to seed new collaborations between journalists and computer and data scientists: a bazaar for the exchange of ideas between industry/practice and academia/research. It has been hosted in prior years at Stanford, Northwestern, Georgia Tech, Columbia, and Univ. of Miami. This year, it will be hosted by Northeastern University in Boston.

Stanford University alumni and students are among those presenting papers at this year’s symposium.

Bankruptcy Map: A System for Searching and Analyzing U.S. Bankruptcy Cases at Scale

  • Euirim Choi, Gillian Brassil, Katie Keller, Jessica Ouyang and Kate Wang

Disarming Loaded Words: Addressing Gender Bias in Political Reporting

  • Irena Fischer-Hwang, Dylan Grosz, Xinlan Emily Hu, Anjini Karthik and Vivian Yang

CityCouncilor: An automated and personalized email alert service to share local documents and streamline reporting

  • Patricia Wei, Holden S. Foreman, Erin D. Bennett and Christopher H Stock

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